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What is a “Sword Study?”

Sword Studies are inductive Bible studies for the whole family… deep, but doable at 20 minutes a day for each individual at their own age level!

The Details…

How does it work?


    An in-depth study of 1 book of the Bible for 20 minutes each day for 5 days a week. The daily study consists of prayer using the A.C.T.S. model, investigation of Scripture, and application using the inductive, top down approach. The student of the Word uses Scripture to answer Scripture making the studies non-denominational and an ideal launching pad for discussion in the home and church.


    The Sword Studies are written at five different age levels so that your family can study, pray, memorize and apply God’s truth side-by-side. The fifth level equips parents or leaders for “Bonfires” to celebrate growth together, making purposeful discipleship a reality.


    A time set aside daily to speak directly to the Lord and write to Him using the A.C.T.S. acrostic prayer model.


    A planned gathering time designed for meaningful discussion centered around the week’s lessons and the unique Sword Study “Day 10 Diagrams.” Many pastors encourage their families to use the Sword Studies at home and then teach through the book of the Bible in Sunday evening services or Sunday School classes. The Sword Study Guidebook has weekly summaries, creative ideas and an outline of questions, related passages and hymns/worship songs.


    Everyone is encouraged to memorize 2 memory verses each week. The passages beautifully correspond to what is being studied in the Sword Study. For the ease of learning, Memory Cards are the same for each level and are included at the back of the Sword Study Levels 2-5. (Cards include 4 translations: KJV, NKJV, NASB, and ESV)


See for yourself in the following pages how the levels are synchronized for each day of study and wrap up with a memorable chapter review. Sword Studies take just 20 minutes per day, yet help all ages dig beneath the surface. Optional Bible memory passages are selected purposefully in conjunction with the content of the Biblical book being studied.

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How to Get It

The Sword Studies Series are available in five, age-appropriate levels from Word in the Family. Additional supporting resources are available such as Musical Scripture CDs, Sword Study Bite Sized Bookmarks and book specific Tracing Pages for Young Explorers.

Click here to visit the store.

If you need a quantity for your church, Sunday School class or small group, please contact our store directly at for bulk discounts.

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