Sword Studies are age-appropriate materials that allow your family, regardless of the age or grade level of each family member, to enter into a serious study of scripture together. There is no better way to strengthen your family relationships than to ground yourselves in the Word.

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Hello, young explorer! You look like you’re a four-year old! (Or maybe five, six or seven?) With this book, you can color, play games and learn more about God and the Bible. The best part is, the rest of your family will also be learning the same things, so you can talk about them at each week’s Family Bonfire. Your Dad or Mom (or another grown up who will be helping you) should get their own book so that they can learn more about God, too!

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Level_02If you are a 7 to 10 year old, you’ve found your level! Get ready to explore what God told us through Paul who was stuck in an awful prison just because he followed Jesus. You’ll learn how God can help you, too, when you’re mad, glad or sad as you study Paul’s letter to Timothy in the Bible. Best of all, your family is learning the same truths in their books at their own levels and you’ll all get to talk about it at each week’s Bonfire!


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Level_03If you’re a tween or early teen, this book was written with you in mind. The stuff you wrestle with can get intense and confusing sometimes, right? Well, Timothy had a lot to say about how we handle ourselves when life throws curves and the people around us aren’t too happy that we’re Christians. And, since the rest of your family is studying the same Bible book at their own levels, you’ll be able to talk through any questions with them at your weekly family Bonfire.

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Level_04Whether you’ve been in high school for six weeks or out of it for six decades, this level of study is designed for you – the grown mind. Timothy has a lot to share with you about living in a culture that is hostile to the faith, about living life in a way that ensures you run and finish this race strong. If you have younger family members, please be sure to grab the workbook that is age-appropriate for them so you can all discuss the truths you learn at your weekly Bonfire.


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Level_05This Guidebook provides all of the guidance and background info you’ll need to easily lead your family or group through the weekly Bonfires. You’ll be able to keep track of what everyone is studying in each level. Be sure to pick up a copy for each member of your family at their own level, and look forward to watching everyone grow together with Christ!